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6 Affordable Ways to Celebrate Grandparents' Day

I never knew grandparents' day was even a thing until last year and in case this is news to you too... YES there is a Grandparents' Day! In the US and Canada, it is celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor day, and this year that is September 12, 2021.

I was so thrilled to find out about this holiday because I don't know about you, but I can think of very few people that deserve to be celebrated more than these angels on earth. My parents and my in-laws are so supportive and loving, the list of things we appreciate about each of them goes on and on. And who doesn't love a good excuse for a family get together?!

I was struggling with meaningful ways to show our love and appreciation for Grandparents day and I thought you guys might be too and would appreciate a list of easy, affordable ways to spread the love this year.

1) Grandparents Day Celebration Brunch

Host a little brunch for all the grandparents, kids, and grandkids. To make it extra special you could choose one dish that the grandparents and grandkids could assemble or make together just before its time to eat.

2) Make a Photo book with the kids

I love the idea of sitting the kids down and making a homemade photo book. You could get out the construction paper, or an actual photo album and add some of your kids favorite photos of themselves and their grandparents along with little notes of love or memories.

If you like the idea of something more polished, another great option is a service like ChatBooks or similar.

3) Hire a mini session with a local photographer

I love the idea of having a professional photo shoot done once a year with the entire family but this isn't always in the budget. A great way around this is to look for a photographer that offers "mini-sessions." Sometimes they only offer them during specific times a year so it might have to be something booked now for a future date. Another idea; if you have siblings, see if they will chip in to do a full hour long shoot (or more!) with the whole family.

4) Have a Sleepover

A sleepover is a sure-fire way to make a lot of memories. If your kids and the grandparents are comfortable having the sleepover at their house, GREAT! Time off for you and a treat for them. But if your kids are anything like mine, they won't be up for that until they are a little older, so if that's the case, then offer to host the sleepover at your house. Consider popcorn and a movie, popping up a tent in the living room, or have a big bed on the floor for everyone.

5) Grandparents Loot

Cheesy? Maybe. But it sure does make a grandparent proud to drink out of their #1 grandpa mug every morning. Check out these options on Amazon for some super cute Grandparents loot!

6) Nature walk

A personal favorite way for us to connect to loved ones is to go on a nature walk together. We take our time, talk about what we see and hear, and we always feel refreshed and connected afterwards.

I hope one of these ideas resonates with you and seems like a good fit for your family to celebrate these oh-so special souls. In the end, all that truly matters is time spent together so remember no matter what you do to celebrate, it will be a win!

*I might make a small commission off of amazon affiliate links, this does not effect your price in any way and it is the only way I make money off the content I create and is very much appreciated!

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Ashley Shockey
Sep 09, 2021


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