Easy, Everyday Spring/Summer outfit ideas for New Moms

I thought it might be fun and useful to put together a little post with some ideas of things for new moms to wear that aren't specifically Nursing/maternity clothes but that are very flattering to your new mom tummy and are comfy. They are all also super nursing friendly for those first few months when you're still getting the hang of things (and getting used to not caring about whipping your boob out in public!).

I found muscle tee's to be so easy to nurse in. They are baggy so you can have plenty of room to pop baby underneath, or ideally, buy them with a large enough arm hole you can just pull it over a bit to provide easy access to the boob while your tummy and other side stay covered. A nursing bra under a muscle tee isn't exactly chic, but Target has some very cute ones that offer a bit of a style statement while providing all the coverage you need. I usually opt for just a plain black discreet nursing bra though.

Sweet, A-line dresses like this one give you nice coverage and boost your confidence when you still have that soft, beautifully gushy new mama belly.

A loose fitting cotton tank or tee with a baggy boho skirt offers comfort while still boosting your confidence with a cute, easy breezy summer outfit that you can totally mom in all day.

All about those loose layers! Baggy linen pants with a drawstring are perfect for the very early postpartum phase, especially if you're still having your lochia (choose a navy or black!). I am obsessed with tanks like this for nursing. They are baggy and suuuuuuper soft, and the front and back are actually two separate pieces so you can just pull the front off to the side for easy boob access.

This oversized, boyfriend button down is the perfect base necessity for nursing mama's. Pair with a cute pair of patterned trousers, those baggy linen pants we mentioned earlier, or layer it under s light sweater for chilly spring evening.

Empire waist tops like this are the perfect investment piece because they transition so well from pregnancy to postpartum but because they are not meant for either specifically, you can feel comfortable spending a tad bit more on them because you can get tons of wear out of it for years to come. I like to put a cute belt at the smallest part of my waist to take even more attention off my new mama belly. BONUS: They are so roomy, you can just pop baby right underneath to nurse and still stay covered.

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